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Keeper for a Day Program

Primate Forest, Primate Building, and Small Animal Building are again available for KFD!  Thank you for your patience and understanding. 5/8/10 

Keeper for a DayHave you always wondered what it was like to be a zookeeper? Well, here’s your chance! Utah’s Hogle Zoo and Utah Chapter AAZK are proud to offer this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Our Keeper For A Day program lets adults (18 and over) shadow one of our own keepers, helping with cleaning, feeding, and enrichment for a variety of exotic animals.

What’s your favorite animal? You can work with primates, giraffes, small mammals, birds, reptiles, or hoofstock. You will work side-by-side with your mentor keeper making diets, cleaning exhibits, providing enrichment toys and possibly watching a training session! After the “morning routine”, you will be given a chance to interact with some of our animals. Choose between feeding a giraffe, touching a penguin, or interacting with some of our education mammals, birds, or reptiles. Bring your camera for photo ops!

Not only is this program a great way to go “behind the scenes” at the zoo, the money you pay goes directly to conservation! Utah AAZK and Hogle Zoo donate money to a number of conservation organizations, and the fee you pay helps us donate even more.

What is the fee?
$150 for non-members and $125 for zoo members.

Can children participate in Keeper For A Day?
The KFD program is for adults 18 and older. For information on children’s programs, visit hoglezoo.org and click on Education Programs.

How long is the program?
You will be at the zoo from 7:45am – 1pm.

What animals will I work with?
There are several zoo areas that are open to KFD programs. The areas NOT included are Asian Highlands (big cats), Elephants, and Apes. Your registration packet will contain detailed lists of which animals live in which areas of the zoo.

What should I wear?
Animal care is a rewarding, but strenuous and dirty job. Be sure to wear sturdy close-toe shoes and clothing that can (and will) get dirty. Wear layers and prepare for a variety of weather conditions. More information on what to bring/wear will be given in your registration packet.

How do I sign up for Keeper for a Day?
Email Utah AAZK at utahaazk@hoglezoo.org and we will send you an information and registration packet.

• For health and safety reasons you must have proof of a negative TB test within six months to participate in the KFD program. More information on TB tests is in the registration packet.



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